Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Jock itch cure and jock itch cream

Jock itch cure

Jock itch cures depends on the severity of the case and depending on it, results can be achieved sooner or later.  For jock itch cure it is recommend a visit to the doctor and if possible to several doctors to ensure that the prescribed treatment is the best and right for you. The patient must follow the doctor instructions exactly especially in the case of a cream which must  be applied very precisely. Treatment for jock itch may vary from person to person and may consists of ointments, pills with ketoconazole or tetracycline tablets.

 Jock itch cures may be accompanied by morning and evening washes with antibacterial soap and underwear should be changed daily and thrown or boiled before being used again. There are other’s jock itch cures that can help you get rid of it. One can use garlic or  baths with.  Another cure of jock itch is the tea tree oil but vinegar is also indicated.
The best is to know how you can avoid jock itch. There are some simple measures to be taken. One should take a shower daily and he should use cotton towels and also cotton underwear to avoid sweating.

Jock itch cream

Jock itch cream should be applied on a dry area, directly on the rash but also on the area delimiting the rash. Jock itch cream must be applied once or twice daily for two weeks in order to achieve a result and the patient should continue to take this treatment for a short period of time, even if the rash is dissapeared. If the rashes are itching a hydrocortisone cream can solve your problem. Tea tree oil is also used thanks to its fungicide and antiseptic properties.

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