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Jock itch

 Jock itch

It is a groin infection caused by fungi. Men are the most affected but also women can be affected by this disease.

Jock itch treatment

The patient has to go to a doctor to examine the jock itch and to prescribe a medicine. There are a lot of available medicines to cure this disease and they are contain griseofulvin, ketoconazole, trebinafine or itroconazole.

Jock itch symptoms

There are some jock itch symptoms which may indicate that you are having this disease.
If you are having in the genital area red patches irritation or burning sensation you should go to a doctor.

Jock itch cure and jock itch cream

You can cure jock itch by taking medicines like tablets with itraconazole or ketoconazole or by using a cream. If the area is very iritated and if it swollens the doctor will prescribe you a hydrocortizone cream.

Jock itch in women

Jock itch appears more frequently in men but it can appear in women too. Women who practice sport or very active women can suffer from jock itch. Jock itch in women manifests by itching, burning sensation but also rashes. In order to avoid jock itch, women should have a strict hygiene.

Jock itch contagious

Jock itch is contagious and is better to avoid using someone-else towel or clothes.
Fungi loves moist area and you should try to keep genital area dry as much as possible.

Jock itch causes and jock itch rash

Some of jock itch causes are obesity, wearing tight clothes, wet or synthetic clothes. The use of another’s person towel also increases the risk of having tinea cruris.

Jock itch rash can be red and accompanied by burning sensation. It can have different forms and present an edge.

Tinea cruris

Tinea cruris is a skin disease manifested by scaly or red patches but also by irritation. It is very common in men. It can be diagnosed by special tests performed by a specialist.
Tinea cruris responds well to treatment  and you should avoid clothes that rub the skin even you are healthy or you have the disease. There are a lot of cases when tinea cruris is accompanied by atheletes foot.

Jock itch remedy get rid of jock itch

Besides medications there are some home jock itch remedy. You can try bath with salt or you can try to use tea tree oil that helps healing thanks to its properties.
In order to get rid of jock itch you should take your medicines which can be oral medicines or cream or both. In case of cream you should treat the affected area at least 2 weeks. You also should try to maintain the area dry because fungi multiplies in moist places.

Itching skin and fungal skin infection

There are  a lot of reasons for itching skin. Insect bites, body parasites, dry skin, sunlight, medication are the most common itching skin causes.
The best you can do is to avoid moist places and to use a soothing cream every time you have a shower.
Fungal skin infection is caused by fungi. They can cause candidasis or dermatophytosis. Any area of the body can be affected by fungi.  Your personal hygiene is very important in order to cure the skin disease.

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