Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Jock itch treatment

 Jock itch is a perigenitale infection of the skin that causes itching and burning sensation and can be accompanied by a red rash on the front of the thighs and buttocks. It is contagious, it can be transmitted through direct contact and shared use of towels.

Griseofulvin is the drug of choice for dermatophyte infections requiring systemic therapy.  Jock itch treatment may last two weeks. The most common side effects of griseofulvin are distress and headache gastro-intestinal.

Itraconazole is an azole with activity against many dermatophyte. It has a long half-life in the skin and nails, an affinity for lipids and keratin, and it reaches the skin especially in the sebum. The drug may be excreted in the sebum for a month after the end of treatment. Itraconazole is available as tablets or liquid.

Ketoconazole is the first azole whose effectiveness has been evaluated in the treatment of superficial fungal infections resistant, as joy itch. Through clinical trials, it was discovered that it is equivalent to griseofulvin.

Terbinafine is a fungicidal, lipophilic and keratinophilic agent active in vitro against dermatophytes and some molds. It is distributed in the keratinocytes from the blood to reach the horny layer of the epidermis and hair follicles. Since it is not metabolized by cytochrome P-450, it avoids many interactions that occur with the azoles. Terbinafine is well tolerated, gastrointestinal disturbances and skin reactions occurr only in about 2% to 7% of patients. There have been reports of loss of sense of taste, but this disorder disappears after treatment

The oral terbinafine is effective in the treatment of superficial dermatophyte infections relatively resistant, including tinea unguium (onychomycosis), tinea pedis and tinea circinata or tinea cruris (joy itch), ensuring the removal of the fungal disease over 80 % of adult patients . Topical formulations of terbinafine 1% are effective when applied once or twice a day for two weeks. No liquid formulation is available.

The interactions between drugs

 The azoles are metabolized by cytochrome P-450 3A (CYP3A) and may inhibit the elimination of other drugs metabolized by this enzyme, such as antiarrhythmics, cortisol, cyclosporine, estradiol and tacrolimus. Terbinafine is not an azole. It does not act on CYP 3A and has few interactions with other drugs. Fungi produce ergosterol and jock treatment with antifungal products inhibits this substance. It is not recommnaded to scrath the affected surface because it can cause irritation. For this reason jock itch treatment is associated with hydrocortisone cream.

Important jock itch treatment :

•     Apply nothing else to your groin except water.
•     An anti-fungal medicines taken by mouth are sometimes prescribed if the rash does not clear with a cream.
•     Do not wear clothing that rubs and irritates the area.
•     Keep skin clean and dry. Wash the affected area with antibacterial soap because it will help kill the fungus.
•     Wash the body towels after each use and do not share your towel with anyone to prevent the spread of infection.
•     Wear cotton underwear to prevent this disease.
•    Use drying powders and products that reduce sweating. Powders are good for using during the day because they absorb moisture.


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