Jock itch causes

There are different jock itch causes and is best to know them in order to avoid jock itch.
The fungus that causes jock itch most often results from:
•    Wearing wet, damp or dirty (such as underwear or athletic supporter) clothes
•     Sharing towels that are infected with jock itch fungus   
•     Lack of hygiene after exercising or perspiring heavily

Risk Factors

A risk factor is something that increases your chance of getting a disease or condition.
Risk factors for jock itch include:

•    High or hot temperatures and humid conditions 
•    Heavy sweating   
•     Obesity   
•     Wear tight clothing
•     Using unwashed clothing, especially underwear or  athletic clothes
•     Not changing underwear frequently
•    Lack of hygiene (like not bathing frequently)
•    Sharing towels or clothing with others
•     Using public showers or baths in public places
•     Immune system disorders

Others possible jock itch causes include:
•     Eczema
•     Pubic Lice
•     Irritation

Jock itch rash

Jock itch rash can be accompanied by itch which can be less or more intense, depending on case. Jock itch rash can be red or brown.
Jock itch is characterized by the appearance of pruritic plaques that leave the inguinal fold to the inside of the thighs, although as stated above, may move up toward the pubis or backward by invading the buttocks. Jock itch rash may be unilateral, bilateral and symmetrical.